8 Ways to be the best blogger in the World

Blogging is not hard, it’s bloody hard. You have to write and do stuff. Coherent thought has to be followed through to a conclusion.

Here are 8 ways to make you a better blogger.

Improve the headline.
Make your title shout out to your audience, don’t try to call to everyone. Be specific, tailor the headline to the people who are going to be most interested in your post.
Keep it snappy.
Make it interesting. Dog bites man is not news, man bites dog is.
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Increasing Visitor Value to your blog

It’s obvious really.

Provide people what they want, whilst watching your profitability.

It’s not complicated but it’s complex.

Rich Schefren talks about visitor value in his latest blog post.

I must confess, I do not give visitor value as much attention as I should. Mostly I am pleasing myself with only a fleeting thought about the people who will be reading my various websites and blogs.

Rich talks about establishing a benchmark for visitor value, although he does not go into specifics of how to implement such a system he highlights on the benefits of such a system. Selling the sizzle not the sausage I think they call it. [Read more…]

10 marketers I want to get email newsletters from

Having signed up for any email newsletters about affiliate marketing, I have decided to cut the list down. It’s an interesting excercise though, you soon realise who offers real, useful, non duplicated information and who just wants to give you sales pitch after sales pitch for products you don’t really want or need.

People who I will keep getting emails off include
Mike Filsaime
Mark Joyner
Perry Marshall
Rosalind Gardner
Dan Kennedy
Michael Gray
Andre Chaperon
John Carlton
Russell Brunson
Andrew Wee

Google Loves me

I got my Christmas present from Google today. Sent only to Premium Adsense publishers, constisting of a non religious Christmas card, a funky box and a digital photo frame. Last year it was a wireless mouse and the year before that it was a radio.

Considering I have made Google many thousands of dollars it’s not much, but it’s the thought that counts. I don’t remember Dr Pepper sending me a card after being a loyal customer.

Here is a pic of the box and photo frame, that’s one of my paintings in the background.

Google Photo

Dan Kennedy Super Conference

The Dan Kennedy Superconference 2007 is open for business.

Here is a clip from the site.

Recently, I polled the members of just one of my coaching groups, and they reported combined personal income increases over the past 2 years of $19-million to $22-million. My best estimates of my Platinum Members, ‘private clients’ and members of Bill’s coaching groups would easily take the total beyond $150-million to $200- million. There’s simply no way of estimating the total of all Inner Circle Members, but it undoubtedly exceeds a Billion Dollars.

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Top Ten Clickbank products in Marketing and Ads

Ultimate Wealth Package
Affiliate Project X
The Rich Jerk
LegitOnlineJobs CBs Best Work At Home
Butterfly Marketing Manuscript!
Ewen Chias Secret Affiliate Weapon
Dominate Clickbank
Google Wealth Wizard
Wanna Quit Your Job With Google Adwords?
Google Cash

Affiliate Project X has finally been knocked off the top spot by Ultimate Wealth Package. Having bought Affiliate Project X I know that is a fantastic product for those going into affiliate marketing. Giving sound advice it hard to see why anyone wouldn’t buy it. [Read more…]

Clickbank introduces tracking code

Clickbank introduces tracking code.

Hopefully this will make it easier to track where your buyers come from. Hooked up with Adwords traking it could prove very useful.

It may be more difficult to track what the super affiliates are upto now, but we will have to wait and see.

The redesigned account management system includes updated navigation, more comprehensive reporting, and new application features to enhance your productivity while managing your account(s). The promotion tracking enhancement allows affiliates to add an 8-character tracking code to the hoplink and order process, providing the ability to accurately track and manage their campaigns. The transaction analytics beta is a tool for fundamental business analysis. Both vendors and affiliates will benefit from the visibility this feature provides into their business, product and partner performance.

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Keyword Elite Reports

I have been running keyword elite to see who are running ads for which keywords. Here are some of the results.

I will be reporting further results to my email list.


The Keyword “burn DVD” has thrown up interesting results. Going on the basis that those ads which run and run are successful it seems that the review sites win the day.


The next keyword is “burn the fat feed the muscle”, which is a new ebook on exactly what it says. As you can see, some ads have ran for 14 days, which must mean that they are profitable.

The smallassforsale url has a pre sell page with a bonus if you buy through his clickbank link. This is a very effective technique and has been talked about in Affiliate Project X. When I buy it’s usually because of a killer pre sale and a useful bonus.

I will be continuing my keyword elite reports through my email list.

When I get set up I will be publishing video lessons as well.

Is Build An Empire hype?

I have been receiving a lot of email regarding Build an Empire, which is the new business venture from Paul Smithson of XSite Pro fame.

Andre Chaperon, Ewan Chia and Rich Schefren have all sent glowing reviews and that this is the thing to get into.

From what I gather it is an uber affiliate system allowing you to sell digital books. There are only a 1,000 positions and the fact the the above super affiliates are raving about it means it will probably sell out very quickly. The cost is not clear at this time, but it sounds like it’s several hundred pounds a year with a commision of 30%.

From the people promoting it and the experience behind it, it’s probably going to be a winner. I’m not going to be signing up though. Not because of the cost but because of time and focus. Better to stick with the things you are already doing than to hop around from opportunity to opportunity.