Freelancing Tips

The best Freelancing tip I can give you is that freelancing is hard. Real hard, don’t let people fool you that it’s the easy option. I’ve been freelancing for years now and here is what I have come to learn.

If you want to be a successful Freelancer you should expect to:

  • Put on weight
  • Work till late on a Friday night whilst your mates are down the pub
  • Exist in poverty for many months whilst you get your reputation built
  • Suffer from Carpel Tunnel Syndrome at least twice a year
  • Lose about 30% of your off-line friends
  • Be ripped off by at least two clients
  • Lose that tan
  • Waste your time with a lot of losers and wannabes who think that
    because it says they are an expert on their Twitter bio it makes it
  • Never read a novel again
  • When you go to sleep dream about google results page and scoring bigg on digg
  • Think of time in a global 24 hour zone and something that is normal
  • Spend hours and hours learning stuff that you later find out is now obsolete
  • Learn that the so called seo/marketing/personal coach/blogging guru
    actually leaves in a trailer park in the bad side of town and is
    selling ebooks to pay off the debts he owes his crack dealing Mother
  • Wonder why no one cares that you joined Twitter in it’s first month
    and that no one wants to hear that it’s not as good as it used to be

OK, now I have covered the good stuff, maybe we can do the bad in the next post ;)

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  1. says

    Awesome list!

    I have gone through a lot of that over my first month and a half of working for myself.

    I only disagree with “put on weight”

    A healthy body equals a healthy mind.

    And my health is more important than any work I do.

  2. says

    Oh, Lyndon! So cynical (and funny, tho!) You must live in the north. I tan very nicely here in Texas in very short amounts of time. Much truth, but freelancing is still good for me because the time commitment is negotiable, flexible.
    I have learned not to go ape over every guru tidbit out there. I do envision them in a trailer park somewhere! Is it me, or are they getting even more obnoxious lately?

  3. says

    Hmm. How are you determining who is a loser/wannabe and who is not? Lately I have spoken with a couple of freelancers whom I could have helped and would have been happy to help, but found they treated me with a lot of suspicion when I inquired about their businesses. I certainly got the feeling they assumed I was one of those loser/wannabes.

    As a freelancer, no matter your specialty, part of the job is sales. As a good salesperson you must learn to probe and ask qualifying questions that enable you to realistically assess the potential of each opportunity. Learn to do this well, and you won’t a) waste a lot of time on weak opportunities or b) miss good opportunities because you made bad assumptions.

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