Is Build An Empire hype?

I have been receiving a lot of email regarding Build an Empire, which is the new business venture from Paul Smithson of XSite Pro fame.

Andre Chaperon, Ewan Chia and Rich Schefren have all sent glowing reviews and that this is the thing to get into.

From what I gather it is an uber affiliate system allowing you to sell digital books. There are only a 1,000 positions and the fact the the above super affiliates are raving about it means it will probably sell out very quickly. The cost is not clear at this time, but it sounds like it’s several hundred pounds a year with a commision of 30%.

From the people promoting it and the experience behind it, it’s probably going to be a winner. I’m not going to be signing up though. Not because of the cost but because of time and focus. Better to stick with the things you are already doing than to hop around from opportunity to opportunity.




  1. Is Build an Empire just like Amazon but with mp3 information podcasts?

    Seems expensive to me, who is Rich Schefren?

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