Freelancing Tips

The best Freelancing tip I can give you is that freelancing is hard. Real hard, don’t let people fool you that it’s the easy option. I’ve been freelancing for years now and here is what I have come to learn.

If you want to be a successful Freelancer you should expect to:

  • Put on weight
  • Work till late on a Friday night whilst your mates are down the pub
  • Exist in poverty for many months whilst you get your reputation built
  • Suffer from Carpel Tunnel Syndrome at least twice a year
  • Lose about 30% of your off-line friends
  • Be ripped off by at least two clients
  • Lose that tan
  • Waste your time with a lot of losers and wannabes who think that
    because it says they are an expert on their Twitter bio it makes it
  • Never read a novel again
  • When you go to sleep dream about google results page and scoring bigg on digg
  • Think of time in a global 24 hour zone and something that is normal
  • Spend hours and hours learning stuff that you later find out is now obsolete
  • Learn that the so called seo/marketing/personal coach/blogging guru
    actually leaves in a trailer park in the bad side of town and is
    selling ebooks to pay off the debts he owes his crack dealing Mother
  • Wonder why no one cares that you joined Twitter in it’s first month
    and that no one wants to hear that it’s not as good as it used to be

OK, now I have covered the good stuff, maybe we can do the bad in the next post ;)

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How to Write Effective Headlines

Headline writing is the hardest thing in the world for bloggers and web content writers. Which is why I have started an email newsletter containing effective, examples of headlines.

Sometimes the best way to learn is to be show, do this and that, and then go and practice on your own. Social media and blogging has made effective headline writing more important, you have very little time to capture the attention and then excite and persuade them to read on.

So it’s very simple, each week I send out a bunch of headlines which give you an idea of what can be done. You then simply transpose them to your own niche or use them directly if you are lucky to be in the same niche.

The great thing is the price, it’s only $50 a month, a lot of these deals are very expensive, this way it’s cheap enough to be worth giving it a go. You can read the sales page here

Article headlines
Suggest headlines
Fish Headlines

I have now closed down linkbait coaching, not for good but it had run its course.


Lyndon Antcliff – Interviews

Been doing a lot of interviews lately, I thought I would get them all in one place.

A4U Expo interview series –
The Linkbait Godfather: My Interview With Lyndon Antcliff – PPC Associates
The Drum interviews Lyndon Antcliff
The Drum talks about Linkbait Coaching
Where Chris interviews Lyndon “The Linkbait” Antcliff
Lyndon Antcliff interview at Distilled – regarding linkbait
Lyndon Antcliff interview with Michael Gray aka Graywolf – regarding local search
Lyndon Antcliff interview with Hobo SEO regarding linkbait and social media marketing
Lyndon Antcliff interview with Kelvin Newman regarding social media marketing and linkbaiting

Most of the interviews are about my linkbaiting exploits. If I find any more I will add them.

The Ultimate guide to keeping focussed

What is it about focus that is so important? Why must we be so concerned if focus is something we lack?

I know that I am more successful at a task when I focus. Concentrating like a laser beam on the task in hand increases the chances of completing the task. Probably more than any one thing.

If we want to improve our ability to complete tasks we must improve our focus. [Read more...]

Why you will never get what you want.

How much do you desire your goals?

Desire is the fire in your belly that will get you where you want to go.
Desire is one of the first steps to take towards any goal.

But not just any desire, this desire must be powerful to move mountains, or at least YOU!

Your desire must be able to modify your behaviour if you expect to reach your goal. For example, if your goal is to lose weight and your desire to achieve your goal is not strong enough to stop eating the wrong food, you will not lose weight. The key to this is your desire. [Read more...]

Given up the Coke habit

Giving up Coke

Are you addicted to Coke or any other kind of caffeinated soda drink? I know I am. I can’t get by without my two cans of Coke a day. But I have decided to find a way to stop.

If you spend all day at the computer as I do then snacking is extremely hard to resist. I spend my day blogging, perhaps you do too and part of the day for me is getting my hit of caffeine. When I say Coke I am mean any caffeinated soda drink, diet or otherwise.

Here is why I want to give up. [Read more...]

Distraction will drive you into mediocrity

Infinite Information fatigue

We operate the most complex machines around, our brain.

How do you deal with the fact that there is an infinite amount of information available to us with a few mouse clicks and we only have a finite amount of time.

Simply being a sponge whilst drawing in information these days will not work. The Internet alone is so vast, grows so quickly that it cannot be counted. [Read more...]