The Ultimate guide to keeping focussed

What is it about focus that is so important? Why must we be so concerned if focus is something we lack?

I know that I am more successful at a task when I focus. Concentrating like a laser beam on the task in hand increases the chances of completing the task. Probably more than any one thing.

If we want to improve our ability to complete tasks we must improve our focus. [Read more...]

Why you will never get what you want.

How much do you desire your goals?

Desire is the fire in your belly that will get you where you want to go.
Desire is one of the first steps to take towards any goal.

But not just any desire, this desire must be powerful to move mountains, or at least YOU!

Your desire must be able to modify your behaviour if you expect to reach your goal. For example, if your goal is to lose weight and your desire to achieve your goal is not strong enough to stop eating the wrong food, you will not lose weight. The key to this is your desire. [Read more...]

Given up the Coke habit

Giving up Coke

Are you addicted to Coke or any other kind of caffeinated soda drink? I know I am. I can’t get by without my two cans of Coke a day. But I have decided to find a way to stop.

If you spend all day at the computer as I do then snacking is extremely hard to resist. I spend my day blogging, perhaps you do too and part of the day for me is getting my hit of caffeine. When I say Coke I am mean any caffeinated soda drink, diet or otherwise.

Here is why I want to give up. [Read more...]

Distraction will drive you into mediocrity

Infinite Information fatigue

We operate the most complex machines around, our brain.

How do you deal with the fact that there is an infinite amount of information available to us with a few mouse clicks and we only have a finite amount of time.

Simply being a sponge whilst drawing in information these days will not work. The Internet alone is so vast, grows so quickly that it cannot be counted. [Read more...]

The Ultimate guide to getting your subconscious to work for you

It’s not easy. In fact it’s hard, very hard. But once your sub-conscious is programmed with your goals in mind, it will work towards your objectives automatically. Without thinking, you will fulfil your goals.

When you walk, you do not consciously think about the process of adjusting muscle tension relative to balance and direction.
Something other than your consciousness is handling the task. Your subconscious is automatically taking care of all the different processes needed to walk without thinking. [Read more...]

8 Ways to be the best blogger in the World

Blogging is not hard, it’s bloody hard. You have to write and do stuff. Coherent thought has to be followed through to a conclusion.

Here are 8 ways to make you a better blogger.

Improve the headline.
Make your title shout out to your audience, don’t try to call to everyone. Be specific, tailor the headline to the people who are going to be most interested in your post.
Keep it snappy.
Make it interesting. Dog bites man is not news, man bites dog is.
[Read more...]