New version of Chop Wood .10v because I just cannot stop coding when I start

Try out the new version here.

I have added an accordian to the action tools, and made them verticle. Plus a little shrinkage in size, and a load of other UI stuff.

Fixed a bunch of errors, blah blah.

Adde a teaser for the farming section, this result it bread being created which will replenish energy when eaten. And I need to add an evegy level which depletes when actions are taken.

I do realise this is real noobish level stuff, and I have to work hard to make everything function properly. But it’s a lot of fun.

It’s now at a point where the basic action mechanics are done and I can move to expanding the game into hunting…etc.

More eleborate recipes for the products you can make and sell needs to be added.

But from this base point I can now build a deep crafting game.

I also want to add a map element so that land can be bought and buildings built, but that’s way ahead in the future.

Tell me what you think, I love feedback.