“Learning to Code” Discord Channel

If you are just starting to learn to code, join my “Learning to Code” group on Discord. It’s for those who are starting to learn how to code, but all are welcome.

Join here

Start with an introduction, short bio and your goals in learning to code.

The intention is not to tell you what to do, but to tell you what I and others in the group have found out and maybe others will too.

I am no expert, I have only been seriously learning to code for the past 10 months, so still a noob. But I have thrown down pretty hard and have committed an average of 4 hours a day coding time. (on top of the day job)

Right now the group is as loose as it gets, only rule is don’t be an arse.

Not selling anything, no book, course, client relationship. It’s simply a human interaction thing, apparently mixing with other people is a good thing, at least that is what Siri told me.

Treat it as you want, it’s basically a hangout around a specific subject for like minded people, I expect some of you will drop in once a month whilst others, such as myself will be on every day.

I for one am very interested in others learning experiences and the projects you are making. Learning to code has been one of the most hardest things I have done, but I have stuck with it and now know my “for loop” from an “if then” statement.

This stuff is not natural for me, but it’s slowly being carved into my hippocampus. I have a mindset of a writer and although there are similarities I do not think like a natural coder. Some people pick this stuff up very quickly, it takes a while for things to soak in for me. So if you feel the same way, don’t worry there will be people who have the same issues.

You can ping me about this on Twitter or simply pop into the Discord server and chat there.

Hope to see you there and look forward to walking the path with you

2 thoughts on ““Learning to Code” Discord Channel”

    1. Will check that out, I am sharing the link to the Server, perhaps there is a time out for the link, although not sure why. Will get back to you.

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