Screen Grab of the Javascript game I am coding

When coding you spend most of the time inside your own head. But you also get to off-load what is going on in your head and put it on a screen. Another person comes along, looks at the screen and puts what they see into their own head. You then get a reaction, the worse being indifference and the best being joy, hate is not worthless as at least it shows something has been processed.

Standing back from your coding to observe the points you came from and the point you are going to is very hard.

Having that wide view is crucial, this is where social media can be important because you get to invite real time feedback which needs to be processed and then fed back into the coding process.

Here is a screen grab of my first Javascript game, which is still in production and just got started. Bearing in mind I am at the beginning of a “learning to code”, journey I am pleased with current progress.

learning to code chop wood

I think it’s useful to capture progress in time, visually and within the version control.

Looking back at progress made in the past helps motivate for progress in the future.

Learning to code has the possibility of taken me to a place in the future that I have not yet thought of.
How cool is that?

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