Online Life rules for the digital age

Never buy a digital product that has palm trees in its marketing, unless it’s a “How to Grow your own Palm Tree”, book on Kindle. Interpret every mention of “Free” in online marketing as “time…

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Is Internet Marketing really that bad?

You know that feeling when you accidentally eat a moldy Dorito, one that has been left out for a few weeks, licked by the dog whose residue of saliva attracted the most exotic of bacteria…

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Does Facebook make you Beige?

I have two Facebook accounts, one is personal and the other is business. I know you can set up groups to keep things separate, but I neither trust Facebook or myself to set things up…

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Elements of Good Writing

Good Writing. Really good writing. Is not about the writing at all, but how the reader perceives it. Good writing does its thing without the reader knowing. It leaves the mind of the reader with…

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