Elements of Good Writing

Good Writing.

Really good writing.

Is not about the writing at all, but how the reader perceives it.

Good writing does its thing without the reader knowing. It leaves the mind of the reader with a flavour, a taste of something. This is why information is best imparted using a story as a vehicle. Although it’s tricky to communicate the instructions of a Cannon EOS 7d using allegory.

If you are in the communication business it is beneficial to you to learn how to be a story teller. Not the Hemmingway way of story telling, which is more about the author trying to get laid (don’t most men write for this end?) but a story telling that is simple, basic and contextual to the life of the reader.

We write to be read, even if it is only the author which reads.

Writing is simply communication and all communication is underlaid with persuasion. Of course some communication is more heavy with persuasive techniques than others.

“Washes whiter than white”
“I love you, I really do.”

And so on.

Social media communication is no different, as we Tweet and Facebook we are tapping into the same lizard brain that has been with us for thousands of years. But most are not conscious of that, which is where the marketer can work a little magic.

And make a little money.