Writing is important but Editing is where the Gold is


It’s the same problem every day, you sit in front of the keyboard with the mind to create content and it’s “Well, whaddya gonna do now”.

It doesn’t matter one bit is yesterdays bit of content was a massive success, because the insanity has to start again.

Do you star at a blank screen with a blinking cursor until your eyes bleed


Do you head off the a news site that can provide ideas, but has the danger of distracting you into finding out how many lego blocks it would take to get to the moon and back, like at the website happier.

It’s hard, but there are ways you can make it easy.

Understand the different modes you are in, sometimes you are in creative mode and this fantastic stream of content is flowing forth from your mind and cooking the keyboard. Other times you are in editing mode, you spend time critiquing your works, deleting, modifying, polishing.

It’s very important to understand that writing is part of a process.

These two modes can be triggered naturally or you can hack your brain to enable them to be triggered at the times you want them to be. No point in delivering more content when you already have the raw stuff and it now needs shaping.

Editing is crucial to the process of creating good content as this is what makes good content great. In fact, editing is where the money really is. When working on long form content such as an article for Bitcoin and Ecigarettes you really need to spend a lot of time on the editing.

One of the problems is that you want to get the content out as quick as possible to get the return on investment. But you have to exercise discipline in order to get the content scrubbed up to the right level.

If you want more examples of well edited articles, Medium.com is a great place. Although there is the opposite of that if you want to go with a quick and simple message such as highlighting Essex rubbish removal. The more you create in the stream of consciousness phase for more you have to edit, and there times when the ROI of your work needs to have a short, sharp, witty item.

Although I would advise to mix types of content up, you also may be aware that you are particularly good at one type of content and would like to stick to it. In those situations I would recommend trading your content creation skills.

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