The Ultimate guide to getting your subconscious to work for you

It’s not easy. In fact it’s hard, very hard. But once your sub-conscious is programmed with your goals in mind, it will work towards your objectives automatically. Without thinking, you will fulfil your goals.

When you walk, you do not consciously think about the process of adjusting muscle tension relative to balance and direction.
Something other than your consciousness is handling the task. Your subconscious is automatically taking care of all the different processes needed to walk without thinking.

You don’t even have to consider it in the slightest. Leaving you to walk down tree lined streets listening to your mp3 player.

The sub-conscious acts like a machine, an infinitesimally complex machine that sits in our brain, feeding off our consciousness. All it knows is what we feed it. We feed it rubbish and rubbish it will return. We feed it the good stuff and good stuff we get back.

Like a creature we keep locked in the cupboard, we slide cold cuts under the crack in the door to keep it sustained. And in return it runs the functions we do not have time for.

The subconscious controls our walking, our driving the car. Even the way we perceive colours. Our emotions take their lead from the subconscious. It is a vital component to our existence, treating it well will reward us tenfold.

Without the subconscious we would be unable to function. Our consciousness can only perform one task at a time. You may think you can multi-task, watching the TV whilst surfing the web, but what you are actually doing is switching very quickly between the two. It means that your concentration is reduced. If you want to increase your concentration do not multi-task.

But our subconscious can run a number of tasks at once. Think of it as a computer that can run multiple programme scripts at once. The scripts are stored somewhere in the brain and when needed the sub-consciousness will run the script.
When we decide to do something and constantly end up being distracted or unable to complete the task for no external reason, the subconscious is at work. It makes decisions for us that we are not consciously aware of, leading us to believe that the Universe is somehow against us. When it was our own sub-conscious all along. When we self sabotage ourselves like this, our sub-consciousness is only doing what it’s learned, but it can be unlearned.

The sub-consciousness decides the scripts to be run, it does not matter to the sub-consciousness if they have a positive effect or a negative effect.

If we programme our sub-consciousness to deliver negative thoughts, then we will get negative thoughts. Even though our conscious may demand positive thoughts and actions.
Re-programming the sub-conscious is hard work, but can be done and must be done if you are constantly self sabotaging yourself.

If your sub-conscious is not on your side you will never succeed in your goals. This is where most people go wrong when it comes to self development, they misjudge the ease at which change can occur, giving up when it gets too hard. Once your sub-conscious is on your side and working towards your goal, things will seem to fall in your lap.

Rewriting scripts embedded in you sub-conscious takes discipline and patience, but is not impossible.

Previously I outlined a rough outline of the workings of the sub-conscious and how it affects your daily actions. Here are six steps to getting your sub-conscious to work towards your goals.

Using the power of auto suggestion you can challenge pre-programmed scripts which do not support your goals. By repeating a statement to yourself that challenges an existing script you can reprogramme your sub-conscious to support you in your goals.

The power of auto suggestion is well documented and is used by success coaches and sports coaches around the world. Most people fail to change because they simply make their goal and forget that for years they have been letting their sub-conscious do the exact opposite.

Here are six steps to help you re-programme your sub-conscious.


Determine what exactly you want to achieve. This will enable you to focus in on the exact script in your sub-conscious which needs to be changed. Do not be vague, rather than saying you want to be a confident person for example, say you want to be more comfortable talking to strangers. The more precise you are, the more easily it will be to change.


Thought alone is not enough. Physical manifestation of your desire will reinforce the rewriting of your script.
How much you are willing to do is up to you. You must decide how far you are prepared to go.


Fixing a date for the achievement of your goal will allow you to know how much you will need to do to succeed. Setting an unrealistic date may doom you to failure. However, make the date too far away and you may lose interest.

Be honest about what you need to do to fix an accurate date.
A date that both stretches you and keeps your interest is optimum.


Plan your actions to assist in rewriting your script.
For example, to boost your public speaking skills, set a goal to approach a stranger each day and initiate conversation. Each day you do this will build your confidence and help erase whatever it was in your sub-conscious that was holding you back.
Repeating small, positive actions goes a long way in the rewriting of your sub-conscious. Once your sub-conscious is rewritten it will work towards these goals without you even having to think about it.


Write out your plan as a statement of fact. A document that attests to what you will do.


Read twice daily your statement, knowing what you have set out to achieve will surely happen. Doing this regularly will burn it deep into you mind, enabling you to change your sub-conscious scripts.

You cannot simply make a goal and expect to change over night.
Small steps, tiny bites and you will succeed.
Persistence and discipline are your weapons of choice.

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  1. Hi i read your article and found it to be interesting .. but its not of any interest to me .. you might be wondering why .. thats because i am not online from my conscious mind .. i am living in the subconscious world where everything happens according to my will .. the problem is i dont know where the subconscious is exactly located and how can i modifiy it while i am in the subconscious itself .. im living in a opposite world now .. when i dream that I dream myself to be conscious but when i wake up im again in a wonderland .. i used to take drugs that brought me here .. and drugs made my mind slow .. i want to erect my brain nerves so that i can be quick again .. back then when i was conscious i did everything half way .. like eating half and leaving half .. like sleeping the days and waking up the nights for sleeping the nights and waking up the days .. i from beginning knew that there is an opposite world to come accross .. in which one has to payback everything .. i dreamed that i had a beautifull home.. my dreams are very colorfull .. but my daily life is color less .. thats because when i sleep my mind thinks that i am awake and when im awake my mind thinks that i am sleeping .. similarly i have to swallow dirt for making my subconscious think that i am doing a correct thing .. else everything i am doing my consciousness is percieving it wrong. can you help me get my consciousness back? i will be very thankfull to you.
    i was told that i am not ill but i am supernatural .. i was created that way.. please help me get my consciousness back. thank you for ur concerns
    Abid Khan

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