Have at least one perfect moment a day.

It happens less and less to me, probably because I am too busy doing stuff to realise the sublime nature of creation.

I first read about the perfect moment in the Book swimming to Cambodia by Spaulding Gray.

Having a perfect moment is when everything in the universe comes together in one magnificent moment and a pleasure tidal wave hits you in the chest and you wished the moment could last forever.

My perfect moments usually happen alone and in conjunction with nature. A perfect cloud, the way the sun breaks through the sky and hits a a green field in the distance. It can induce a trance like state and cannot be manufactured.

But you can prepare the ground. Make sure you take time to take a breath, look at the world around you. See how rich the colours seem, how the noise of the wind through a tree seems to weave through your mind.

Now I am not a tree hugging, vegan, nature nutter. Not that there is anything wrong with that. But there is something in the way the world is created, some vestige of glory left over from when one primeval atom said to the other, “Hi, lets get together and make a planet.”
“Sure, why not, I’ve got a free afternoon.” Said the other atom. “But what shall we call it?”
“I kinda like the name, Earth.”

Look out the window and let your mind drift into the creation. Doesn’t matter if you believe in God or not. The creation of our world around us is a magnificent thing and taking time to appreciate it will only be good for you.