After Animated clicks and Dynamic Progress Bars, Chop Wood V.03 is available

Chop Wood v.03

You can now play Chop Wood V.03 Click here

One thing that is surprising me about learning to code is the joy you get from it. Yes you do spend your days gnawing on trying to understand a concept and then getting it to work. But when it does work, wow it’s a real hit.

Doing this makes me feel like a kid again it’s very liberating.

So I have figured out how to animate an object when clicked, I used Animate.css and it’s pretty easy to do. Add a bit of javascript to it to give the best user experience and work it into a clicked object which already impacts variables, a little thought required but not much.

I know I can animate in vanilla Javascript now, but I want to keep the project forward, so may come back to that.

Progress Bars, or rather dynamic progress bars. I wanted a click on an object to trigger a progress bar which filled to 100% over a period of time, and then changed another variable when it was finished. I also want to add more animation to this.

This took all day, most of the progress bar tutorials are for Jquery, which goes against the ethos of this project being coded as much as possible in vanilla Javascript.

I finally got the progress bars to do what I want, this was down to experimenting and using the knowledge learned over the past few months to make educated guesses.

It became a game of fitting two big chunks of jigsaw pieces to complete a bigger part of the picture.

My understanding of the concept of functions has gone up a notch and am now able to understand complex nested functions and loops.

It doesn’t feel as hard as it did and I now know things I didn’t use to know. which seems like voodoo, it’s so long since I learned something on this scale.

I feel the game of Chop Wood is now starting to reveal itself. Of course it will always be pretty simple, but I want to get it to the point where someone decides to play it and gives the minimum of 5 minutes of their life.

Yes the front end and UX is awful, merely to allow me to see the back end function, but that will improve.

Very interested to get local storage as an option and then to login and save your game to Firebase.

From a gameplay POV I want to bring in mining and the ability to search and mine a map. Even owning parts.

You can probably tell, but I am absolutely loving doing this.

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