Chop Wood, Version updates.

Version updates for Chop Wood:
Latest version

This will now be the page where updates are published in consecutive format.
Updated 29th May 2018

To do:

  • Workers to be able to be hired to automate bulk actions.
  • Bootstrap 4 modals investigate, design for the game
  • Add progress bar for each object action with slight time delay
  • Replenish seeds with each tree chopping to issue random number of seeds, number to be determined with regards to balance.
  • Replicate object tree with mining and farming
  • Skill based system where a skill is increased each time an object is actions, this skill will open up further action and increase the amount and quality of resource gathering and building.
  • Ability to purchase land, which regularly produces resources passively.

Version 0.07

  • Worker button added, with a worker selection, not yet fully fleshed out with worker attributes.

Version 0.06

  • Dynamic progress bar added to trees, logs, timber and planks. Need to correct this function to allow only one item to be actioned at a time.
  • Forest skills added, these will be spent to progress to farming and mining.
  • Modals added to some actions, however needs to be modified to bring them in line with Bootstrap’s 4 syntax.
  • Jquery added to aid Bootstrap 4’s framework, everything else still in vanilla Javascript

Version 0.05

  • Forestry skills added: This is a skill which increases each time you work on wood
  • A buy seeds button added, currently it’s 2 credits for one seed.
  • Facebook page for Chop Wood set up
  • Persistent game link added so the url does not move around, will now always be

Note: After researching Local Storage option further, decided not to go with it, but to use it in another app as this app does not need it. Plus it has certain restrictions and security issues. For a persistent game it will go straight to a JSON based dbase, probably a cloud based solution such as Firebase.

Version 0.04

  • Modal introduced to replace alert box for when seeds reduced to 0.
  • Due to modal being designed in vanilla CSS and the game running on a Bootstrap 4 framework, the design of the modal needs optimising.
  • Bootstrap 4 element added to the seed progress bar, visual improvement.

Version 0.03

  • Animation to object icons added with animate.css. Slight bounce onClick.
  • Add seed button added, increases number of trees grow
  • Progress bar added to simulate time taken to plant seed and growth of tree.

Version 0.03

  • Issue with variables of objects updating on a global scope after updates within functions. Solved with the introduction of of object literals. This forms the basis of when the data will be held in a JSON format.

Version 0.02

  • Introduction of click on element and the amount increases
  • Bootstrap 4 css framework introduced

Version 0.01

  • Basic game mapped out, chop trees, trees into logs, logs into timber, timber into planks. Everything open ended to enable further growth.
  • Main aim of game is to learn Javascript and a CSS framework.

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