What is the game Chop Wood?

Do you respect wood?

Chop Wood is a crafting game written in vanilla Javascript, using the Bootstrap 4 framework.
Providing game-play based on gathering, building, crafting and follows the best practices of such types of game. The aim is to make a fun game, but fun to a specific type of person who is into such games.

It has an open ended structure to allow the game to have multiple options during development. Meaning we could get a little crazy and offer a “hire a cat to dance whilst you chop wood”, option. Probably wont, but it’s nice to have that option.

Although the game will be published in its own right, I am using development of the game to teach myself Javascript coding and to be wise in a number of HTML5 frameworks. This is why the game initially is extremely basic and first, but will increase in complexity as more updates happen.

I hope you enjoy following me on this journey, there will be failures and disasters on the way, but also success and the opportunity to learn from my mistakes. So pass the popcorn and hope I can add a little fun to your day.

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