The Noname Diet


This is a huge comment I posted or actually have yet to post on a Facebook thread about Walnuts and Weetabix.

I went on a diet on Monday, or rather I entered a limited, conditioned behaviour breaking hacking mode. Not that I wish to detail my life online or fugue your vision with more personal affirmation type crap you constantly see on social media. But more of an experiment in content types and more importantly to keep my focus strong, defined and on target. Writing organises my thoughts, puts them in correct order, allows me to see the strands of causality running though my actions.

In a sense this is a what blogging was about, detailing stuff, recording stuff, ordering and categorising thoughts and actions into something that has a point.

Which is odd, because my business is all about attracting the audience. But the audience needs something real, something not processed by a slimy PR guy who thinks in terms of audience segmentation.

But relating this back to the stuff I teach at Linkbat, you need something personal to bash out on the keyboard to freshen up the writing brain. If you constantly write for clients and yourself you burn out. Which is what has happened this past year.

The well needs to be refilled regularly.

Here is the comment, or post from the thread on Facebook. And the reason I am posting it here is because I want to see if it indexes in Google before it does on Facebook.

“I totally get the Omega 3 thing and the good fat two step.

However, I am following a fat free diet (ok a 3% fat diet) for a specific reason which is to do with gallstones and the gall bladder.

I was totally into my Omega 3, however I would chase it down with nuttella/Dortio/DrPepper combo or whatever high sugar/high fat, squeezed out of the ass of some factory in New Jersey type grub.

My focus on fat free is to break the conditioned behaviour I have built up over 15 years in front of a computer monitor. I used to work from 6pm to 8 AM, fueled by 2 litres of Dr Pepper and a 6 pack of Tesco Chocolate muffins, which you can do in your 20’s and just about in your 30’s but not in your 40’s, as I am finding out.

Drinking a diet coke is not going to make me fat, but after a diet coke I want to balance out the sodium with sugar or fat, nnnnnggg.

And so, for this phase I am going brutal and evacuating years of pink slime from the tubes. I guess it’s a massive detox, although I think that word in inaccurate as your liver is constantly detoxing you, that’s what it does.

Todd, Julie Patricia, totally agree with you. Walnuts and oily fish etc. are essential for a balanced diet, except I am not on that type of diet right now. This is the nuclear, kill em all, take no prisoners, realignment on a fundamental level.

Jaqueline, Sarah, I agree with you. But only with regards to a regular, everyday diet. When you want something specific to happen you have to hack the diet and adapt it to your bodily needs and the result you want.

Gary, absolutely. My diet right now is mostly fruit, rice, chickpeas, tomatoes, Weetabix and the odd boiled sweet (Rhubarb and Custard). So pretty much going the non-processed route. I suppose Weetabix are somewhat processed, but the ingredients are as raw as you can get.

I haven’t given up milk or gluten, which may be an interesting experiment to do. I’m approaching this as I do other things. Ignore fashion, get obsessed, rely on the data, have specific objectives. I do find it interesting when the first thing people as is “what’s the diet called?” As if it’s a movie or a small child.

It should be defined by the objective and not a “pirmal brain” defined title.

And before the Walnut crowd rise up with bottles of rosemary infused walnut all to drizzel over my Weetabix, this is a time limited phase to break the cycle and break conditioned behaviour.

I write this not in expectation that it will all be read but to keep me on the wagon and focus my will power for the day.

It’s all mental.

But so far so good, started on Monday, dropped 4llbs and have a “running across a desert with a large stone on my back” energy. Which is having a huge effect on my word count I churn out each day.

It annoys me when comments become blog posts. I should post this elsewhere and get it indexed before I press post.”

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