The Problem with Link Building

The problem with link building is that it’s boring. Actually, strike that, it’s not that it’s boring it’s that it’s repetitive.

Hmmm, that’s not right either.

Because link building has many aspects to it.

The thing is most link building and link builders seem to focus on easy to do stuff, like:

  • Dropping a link in the blog comments
  • Article marketing
  • Social bookmarking
  • Paid links

I know some people think dropping a link in the blog comment box has no effect because it’s a nofollow tag. When someone says that, make a note of their name and make sure when they tell you other stuff you put it through a filter as they are plainly wrong.

So let me get back to the link building is boring thing. The above techniques are dull and boring. It’s something that you get stuck into when you are a rookie, a noob, wet behind the ears, in short trousers etc. but after a while it becomes as if you are choking on a thick mixture of sulphur and porridge.

The section of link building that is not dull and boring and will have you skipping through the daisies on a balmy summers day is something that is a little bit more difficult to do.

It involves:

  • Research
  • Cultural knowledge
  • Understanding of how people function
  • A strategic vision of how the web is used
  • An ability to manipulate people with words and images

It is of course content based link building or link building with magnetic content, or linkbaiting (I tend to think of linkbaiting as a subset of magnetic web content).

Magnetic web content is something which draws people to it. It’s function is to attract and persuade people to link. A specific skill set is needed to achieve this and most do not have it.

Most people do not realise that it’s really about where you head is at, which is defined by the life you have previously led. It can be taught, but most people fail, simply because they do not have the right attitude.

If you look at those bloggers who seem only to have to fart softly into a leather sofa and it gets them links, you will notice they all have a similar attitude. A certain way about them. This is the place in this article where I should reach for the Zen dictionary and make some pop reference to the Magnificent Seven. But my tea is getting cold and I want to drink it before I finish the post.

To sum up:

  • When you first do link building you should do the boring stuff the first two years.
  • Think you can be a linkbaiter? Take an honest look at yourself or enter your details into the linkbaitometer.
  • Many are called but few are chosen.
  • Follow your path and adopt the state of mind.

Now where did I put those biscuits?