Why you will never get what you want.

How much do you desire your goals?

Desire is the fire in your belly that will get you where you want to go.
Desire is one of the first steps to take towards any goal.

But not just any desire, this desire must be powerful to move mountains, or at least YOU!

Your desire must be able to modify your behaviour if you expect to reach your goal. For example, if your goal is to lose weight and your desire to achieve your goal is not strong enough to stop eating the wrong food, you will not lose weight. The key to this is your desire.

Your desire must mean sacrifice to get what you want.
You see, most people do not succeed because people are not willing to sacrifice aspects of their lives.
“I wish I could diet more but I really like burgers.”
“I can’t exercise tonight, my favourite TV show is on.”
When a person cannot give up a favourite TV for his goal, then the desire for that goal is too weak.

To achieve a life changing goal such as losing weight needs huge behavioural change. The desire to lose weight must be cultivated. You’ve got to want it. You must increase your desire until your desire will begin to change your behaviour.

You know your desire is serious when you cannot get to sleep at night because you are consumed with the thoughts of changing.
When you miss meals because the thoughts of your desire enrapture you so much and leave your conscious mind room for little else.

Your desire must pull you from one state of being to another state of being. Your old state of being represents your bad habits and slack thoughts. The new state of being represents the changed you, the new you that is able to reach your goal. Remaining in your old state would have meant never reaching your goal.

Once you have reached your new state you will find reaching your goal takes no effort at all. It was the way your state of being that was holding you back. Once you realised you didn’t need the shackles, they just fell away.
When desire is strong enough the path to your goal will seem easy, you will be carried along by your new state of mind, your subconscious flowing effortlessly before you defeating all obstacles in the path.

A man went to a man who had knowledge and asked to be taught the truth.
The wise man turned to the seeker of truth, “when you want to know the truth, I will tell you.”
“But I do want to know the truth, I have told everyone in my village.”
The wise man took a stick and played with a leaf on the ground. “When you want to know the truth, I will tell you.”
The young man from the village pleaded with the wise man to be told the truth.
The wise man looked towards the horizon, “Come with me.” And strode off at a brisk pace with the young man following.
Eventually they came to the sea and the wise man waded into the sea waist high. The young man followed him and waited patiently. The wise man then grabbed him and held the young man under water until his lungs burned from lack of air.