Why it makes sense to throw away your Smartphone

On the wireless today I listened to how an architect had enough of being addicted to his £500 smartphone and just threw it in the bin.

He said it was affecting his attention span and causing him to constantly check emails, even when in conversation with a group of friends.

I absolutely have had the same desire, although I am not addicted to my iPhone, I do have the constant distant thought that I am always connected, always being tracked. I’m also way too stingy to through away my very expensive communication device.

What I would miss most is my bar code reader which scans barcodes and then searches the Internet for the same product and compares pricing. It’s amazing the price differential these days and makes buying on the Internet a more likely thing.

There is of course the slow movement, who I’m sure would give a free hug to anyone throwing their smartphone in the bin. But I see such an act more as an art form, or a form of expression. Something to highlight the absurdity of smartphones and social media.

After all, we did get to the Moon and back without one.