Why Tasty Trade does not Create Fans

According to its strapline. Tasty Trade is a “real financial network”,

The reality is that it’s closer to being a huge “disruptor” in the financial investment space.

It’s a challenger to all those networks rooted in the old way of doing things, a rebel, an explorer, even an outlier.

It does not create fans, because it creates addicts. Once you watch, once you swallow the pill, there is no going back. It changes everything you ever thought about how financial investing should work.

If you are a retail investor, this is the network you want mainlining into your veins.

You will not go back to wall to wall, Bloomberg, CNBC, etc. after you have taken your hit of Tastytrade.com

I am no heavy hitter trader, at the most it’s a hobby. I have been trading for nearly two years now earning my chops, building my 10,000 hours if intense real life practice. I ingest as much as I can, aim to learn from those who have the thousand yard star of the battle scarred trader

Here is the thing about the presenters of all the Tasty Trade shows.

The all trade, and they all trade with their own money.

They are true experts in their field and over the range of the shows they put out each weekday, cover all types of trading styles. The emphasis, or the ethos is to get engaged, build confidence, trade small, trade often.

I’m not particularly into hero worship, but the two main guys who do the main show, Tom Sosnoff and Tony Battista have not only opened my eyes to the possibilities and realities of retail investing, but have made me laugh more than any professional comedy act this year and I am talking about filtered coffee through the nose, rib aching, aneurysm inducing laughter. And as an old comedy writer myself it takes a lot to impress me.

What they have on their opening hour is a perfect balance of broadcast entertainment and information. Vonetta Logan, who joins them in the first hour provides the down to earth, erudite, kick ass, compliment to the big beasts of Tony and Tom and does not hesitate to open a can of whoop ass when required. Which is usually every ten minutes of the show as ADD, egomania and “busting balls” kicks in. The opening show is heavily influenced by Howard Stern and in many ways is much more fun as it can improve your bottom line.

The mix of intense intelligence, honesty, domain expertise and a fantastic production team make this an absolute, essential place for you to go for investment advice and trading ideas. Yes, sometimes it’s like sipping from a fire hose and you have to give it time to figure out just exactly what it is, because it’s so huge and dense in information.

What could be done to improve the site is a big fat button saying, NEW HERE, CLICK THIS, which then takes you to a page giving you the 10 places of where to start. Organising the amount of content they produce into digestible bite sizes for noobs must be a huge task. It took me a week of watching before I finally got it, and learned how to get the most from it.

I may write up a noobs guide to Tasty Trade, as it would direct you to the places you need to go a lot quicker, although I have found the discovery aspect of digging into the site fascinating. They keep archived material going back a year or two, I’m not quite sure of the timeline. But it’s simply a master class in technical analysis, options trading, retail investing etc.

Although it does take some time to get what the network is really about and how to make it work best for you, my advice is stick with it as there is no other place on the planet that offers such in-depth advice, knowledge, real life examples etc. for the price it costs to access.

So how much is Tastytrade.com?

This is the bit that’s insane, it’s free and there is no advertising of external products, only their shows. Which may be a bit nuts from a conventional business point of view, but I think this is killer point. Sure these guys are in it for the money, but they are truly passionate about what they do and it’s rare to find people at this level who are so generous and fun.

They do have a deal with Ameritrade to sign up with an account with them and they do have an iPad/iPhone app where you can track their real time trades, which is subscription based. But all the content you ever need is free to access.

I could write a few thousand words more about Tastytrade.com and what I have learned and how I have been entertained. But I am an addict, you need to see it for yourself. My advice is to login to the live, first hour which is at 1pm UK time, it’s pre-market for the US time zone and if you are like me and your day begins at 7 am trading the FTSE, it’s a nice way to get extra insight to how the day is going.

The other shows on the network worth watching are Shadow Trader, with Peter Reznicek and Brad Augunas from shadowtrader.net, Last Call, with Tim Knight from Slopeofhope.com, Ask Slim, by veteran trader Steve Miller, The LIZ and JNY show with options traders, Liz and Jenny, who are very good at giving an introduction to options trading.

And yes, I am a full paid up addict of the Tasty Trade network.
I would go as far to say it’s actually worth to start trading just to appreciate the shows.

Interested to know what you think of the Network.