5 cool Internet marketing blogs

5 Cool, Internet Marketing Blogs

Adventures in Net Marketing
Kaizen Marketing
Andre Chaperon
Andrew Wee

Why have I chosen these guys instead of the big names like Seth Godin, Marlon Sanders, Armand Morin. Actually my favourite for podcasts and articles is Perry Marshall.

These guys are cool because they are fighting in the trenches. Unarmed combat, tooth and nail stuff. They have not made it to the top of the mountain yet, but they have sturdy hiking boots and a good map.

They do not bullshit.
They do not oversell any of their products.
You know you are getting the juice from these guys.

Andre has it down for writing good copy, what he is doing is a blueprint to success.
Andrew Wee is a master at networking, and should be watched as the next big guru.

The others have provided me with info which was useful and hopefully profitable.

As a newbie to the Affiliate marketing game, particularly the Adbank marketing game (adwords/clickbank) it’s good to be plugged into honest providers of information.

They are close enough to relate to, but ahead of the game to be worth paying attention to.

Go check them all out now!




  1. Hey thanks for doing what you do. You have told me about some interesting stuff through your blog. Like the different view of Andrew Fox and Dominating Clickbank.

    All good stuff.

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