Dan Kennedy Super Conference

The Dan Kennedy Superconference 2007 is open for business.

Here is a clip from the site.

Recently, I polled the members of just one of my coaching groups, and they reported combined personal income increases over the past 2 years of $19-million to $22-million. My best estimates of my Platinum Members, ‘private clients’ and members of Bill’s coaching groups would easily take the total beyond $150-million to $200- million. There’s simply no way of estimating the total of all Inner Circle Members, but it undoubtedly exceeds a Billion Dollars.

Dan Kennedy is a master marketeer. If you can get hold of any of his free podcasts that are floating around the web I suggest you grab them and listen. Dan is old school, he was selling when the Internet was only used by scientists to send birthday messages.

Dan Kennedy is a whirlwhind of energy and verve. A speck of his dandruff contains enough marketing skills to launch anyone on an amazing marketing career.

I’m not selling anything in this post, it’s just what I think. Maybe I should.