Top Ten Clickbank products in Marketing and Ads

Ultimate Wealth Package
Affiliate Project X
The Rich Jerk
LegitOnlineJobs CBs Best Work At Home
Butterfly Marketing Manuscript!
Ewen Chias Secret Affiliate Weapon
Dominate Clickbank
Google Wealth Wizard
Wanna Quit Your Job With Google Adwords?
Google Cash

Affiliate Project X has finally been knocked off the top spot by Ultimate Wealth Package. Having bought Affiliate Project X I know that is a fantastic product for those going into affiliate marketing. Giving sound advice it hard to see why anyone wouldn’t buy it.

I have not bought Ultimate Wealth Package, couldn’t really understand what it was about from the sales page, apart from I get to live in a tacky condo with a huge fireplace if I buy it. But, someone must be buying it as it has climbe to the top.

If someone can send me a review copy I will give you the skinny.

I am amazed at how Rich Jerk manages to stay in the top ten. I have not bought it but understand that is worth it, it’s basic stuff, and if you are starting out in Internet Marketing it could be useful.

No look, I know that a lot of this stuff is available for free on various forums and blogs. But which forums and blogs and what articles on these forums and blogs are bullshit. It has been known for people to protect their marketing knowledge by deliberately dishing out mis-information.

But buying an ebook on a specific topic can give you the info in your hands in minutes, saving you months of ferreting around. Of course if you think your time isn’t worth much then go for the free stuff. The way I see it is I am saving time and fast forwarding my business aims. Mostly the stuff costs about 50 quid, which aint going to break the bank.

Ewan Chias’ Secret Affiliate Weapon is one I bought. It’s one of the cheapest products around but give you access to a blog, podcasts and ebooks all dedicated to making you an effective affiliate marketer.

Dominating Clickbank by Andrew Fox has got a bit of criticism from a number of marketing blogs, the techniques described may not work effectively if everyone knows about it, but I have not bought it so I leave it up to you to decide.




  1. If any of these systems worked why would the authors then need to charge money for their
    maybe selling their “how to” is how their real money making systems work.
    i:e write a book and sell it rather than buy a book.
    the old easy money scam is older than the internet.
    THINK before you give your money away!

  2. Steve that’s a fair question to ask, and is one that is asked constantly regarding information products that promise to make money.

    I thought the same way, I mean if you find a diamond mine you don’t sell maps to other people. But look at the numbers.

    If say you find a way to make $1,000 a day from Adwords Clickbank, that’s $365,000 a year. Problem is, that money is not going to be rolling in forever, products get old, new techniques make the old ones redundant.

    What you need to do is build a business using your current success. In exchange for showing people how you did it people give you money and more importantly you develop a relationship with potential customers through email lists.

    So, you sell an info product for $97, it’s very popular as your skills are cutting edge and it sells 5,000. Which makes $485,000 minus commisions and other costs.

    Even if it means that people will learn your secrets, it is still worth it, plus you have credibility because you have put a quality product on the market that people are raving about. You have a substantial email list and both these things will protect you from the changing tides of Internet marketing.

    This ONLY works if the product you are selling is genuine, honest, lives up to the hype. If it’s garbage, word will soon spread. Just look at the return status on Clickbank, check the forums etc.

    Of course stuff gets hyped, and yes you may already know the stuff and you may not even be in the target market. I make over a $100 a day on adsense and if there is an ebook that will help me improve my ctr by only 1% that’s $365 a year and so paying $97 for a product makes sense.

    All these products have a rock solid returns policy so I don’t understand when people rant about them being scammy.

    But you are right, developing your own product that helps people solve a problem is definately the way to go.

    The question is, are you gonna get up off your backside and do it?

  3. Why do they have long pages in sales speak, look at the length of Ulitimate Wealth Package.

    And why do the prices always end in 7, weird

    Even Tesco does it.

    Just tell me how to make money with adwords

  4. I am a critic of info products, I think it’s one big scam where rich friends get together and boost each other, all the clickbank crowd just seem like as if they are all rip offs. everyone knows that noone makes any money off the internet anway.

    Apart from porn and gambling, haha.

  5. Stavros, if you are spending say, $97, wouldn’t you rather have too much information than not enough. Yeah I know some of a long sales page is hype and is engineered to provide an emotional response. But more information in this case is better than less.

    More importantly, long sales pages have been found to sell more effectively than short, when applied to info products.

    Remember, 2% is usually a good result for an info product. Bu info product I am talking about an Ebook, podcast, mp3, video etc. The kind of thing you find on the above list of clickbank products.

    Yeah the use of “7” is weired, I have noticed it too. I have done a bit of digging on this and it stems from tests that show that more people will buy at 97 than at 99. Weird I know, but it’s all about the metrics.

    Bitterpill, what can I say. Why is it a scam if you get a 100% return guarantee. I think you will find that these guys were not friends before they made it.

    Actually, I am making a living from a variety of websites and blogs and none of them are about porn or gambling.

    Lots of people are making lots of money online simply by solving peoples problems.

  6. I like your website, although I do not agree with your whole top 10, but I haven’t tried out all the programs yet.

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