Keyword Elite review

Keyword Elite is an amazing tool for keyword research. It’s a piece of software you download to your machine and run whenever you want.

Keyword Elite is actually five programes in one, not only does it quickly grab thousands of juicey keywords but it can also run analysis against the list of keywords, it can even spy on your adwords competition to see what they are upto.

Maybe someone is already using it to spy on your adwords campaign.

My main business is building websites monetised by adsense. In the past I’ve conducted keyword research by hand or used any number of free tools out there, which suited me fine. But with Keyword Elite I can quickly get 1,000 related keywords or phrases, grab all the spelling variations, find out how many adword click each gets, how much the adword clicks are, how many people search for the term and how many times the keyword pops up on websites. After that I can run it against Adwords to check who is buying what keywords consistently.

Quite simply it’s an absolutely brilliant tool. Especially when using it in conjunction with Affiliate Project X

Buy Keyword Elite here.

If you buy through the link above using my affiliate link and send me your Clickbank receipt I will send you a copy Brad Callen’s Google Adwords made Easy, containing simple, foolproof strategies you can use right away. Brad was the genius who came up with Keyword Elite, so he knows his stuff.

I don’t know how long Brad will let me give this ebook away, to tell you the truth I think he’s a bit nuts, he could easily sell it for £30, $50 even $100. I have seen ebooks with less quality content selling for much more.

If you are serious about making money online you have to take keyword research seriously. And if you take it seriously, Keyword Elite is an answer to your keyword problems.

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