Butterfly Marketing breaks the records

Butterfly Marketing has made $301,973 in only 24 hours, this is truly incredible.

Mike Filsaime laid out the reasons for his success

  • Established brand
  • Good buzz created
  • Great work with affiliates
  • Excellent product
  • Kick-Butt Sales letter

I have to say I am shocked at the power of this. It’s chain marketing every link in that chain must be connected to the next, it must be as stong as the other links and it must all pull together.

But does this mean that everyone will know how to make millions online? I doubt it. I am still reading through my Butterfly Marketing Manual as I just havn’t had the time, let alone write the review. I am sure my review will come out as soon as the last person on the planet has bought it 😉

The real point of the review is to coral the main points and analyse them. It’s one thing buying a marketing information product, it’s another thing sitting down to read and study it.

The content of Butterfly Marketing Manual is really good stuff, but it’s not for every marketer, sure everyone can pick up something that can help them in their marketing efforts. But not everyone will have the discipline to put such a system into place.

 You need discipline to be succesful online.

There are so many things to distract you from reading something like a marketing manual that it can become impossible. I wrote about the problems with Multitasking on my personal success blog.

Don’t just think about whether or not you have the money for an informational marketing product, think about if you have the time as well. Time is far more expensive than money.