Killer products on Clickbank for adwords marketing

I am on the hunt for killer products to sell through my clickbank account.

Affilliate Project X has given me the skinny on what the hell makes a killer product and what makes a dude. Promoting a hot product seems mostly about timing. You have to strike as soon as the product is released.

Look at Butterfly Marketing. A huge bolt out of the door which then dropped dramatically and is now chugging along nicely.

I havn’t had it confirmed yet but I think Chris beat Mike with APX.

The point is, with a hot product like this you have about 2 weeks before things cool off.

As part of my research I came across the following by punching “adwords” into the clickbank search.

Adwords Miracle Guide
Wanna Quit Your Job With Google Adwords? Affiliates! Make $44 / sale, now 6.4% conv! Insane update this week! Get in quick!
Gravity of 162.82

Google Cash
Official Google Cash How to Earn Thousands Writing Google AdWords Part-Time updated w/ 24 videos. $30.49/sale.
Gravity 102.39

HoT! ClickAdEqualizer: Adwords Software
Adwords Software Like No Other! Become A Super Affiliate Overnight!
Gravity 58.78

These three adwords information product are the top three sellers for this niche on Clickbank, or the top gravity scoring products. All three have been out for a few months now and I am not sure how fresh the information is. I have heard that Chris of Affiliate Project X fame, the creator of Google Cash is going to be publishing an update.

The point is I am looking for an excellent primer into the world of adwords/affiliate marketing and probably the best thing is to buy all three. Along with Perry Marshals Adwords guide, although that is more for general marketing.

If I do buy these I shall review them, what would be fun is to buy all three and run a feature by feature comparison. Without giving anything away of course 😉 I still want to sell a few through my aff link.