Informational Marketing products trying to prise cash from my wallet

Having signed up with a number of double opt in lists run by marketers, I am in the situation where I get sold offers thick and fast. What is useful with being subscribed to so many lists is that I get to see an overview of what is flying around the web.

Here are the latest products trying to prise the cash out of my wallet.

Dominating Click bank by Andrew Fox.
This is a tale of a young mans ability to make money from nothing. I have not yet bought the product yet but it is certainly enticing simply from the numbers that this guys has achieved. He basically takes free products and sells them through clickbank, getting affiliates to sell it for him.

You can see Andrew Fox talking about Dominating Clickbank in this video And further proof with this video at

Lessons to be learned here if you have a product you wish to sell and how you build your affiliate list.

Dominating Clickbank by Andrew Fox

Another informational product to pop into my email this week was the latest offering from Michael Cheney. I wonder if he is a relation?

I can’t find it on Clickbank so it goes out without an aff link, but what the heck. Michael Cheney is of Adsense Videos fame which can be found here, . This does have the aff attached 😉

Now I am in the market to build a list. I want to build my list here and at another site where I have a very juicy joint venture coming out.

Michael Rasmussen has a similar product out and it would be interesting to put these two side by side and compare. Interesting idea to sell them both would be to set up a review page.

Also, Andre Chaperon has a launched an Elite coaching service, where for $200 a month he will give you one hours worth of advice each month. It may seem a little steep but my dealings with Andre have left me to conclude he is a stand up guy. Someone to be trusted. If I had the money lying around I probably would go for it, knowing what he teach me would easily pay for the tuition. Andres blog can be reached here, I suggest you bookmark it.

Rosalind Gardner set me which is a piece of software which does exactly what it says on the tin. Researches niche markets. looking at the screenshots, it seems to be just a keyword tool. Not as sophisticated as Keyword Elite but also not as expensive.

I don’t think it’s worth buying a keyword tool until you have got to grips with manual keyword research. I have been researching keywords for seven years now. Even before I knew what it was called. It’s a fascinating area of the business of building a business on the web. It is a skill that should be honed as words are what make the Internet marketing go and knowing the right words and the profitable words can be very useful

Another links sent was for, again you can work out what it does from the url. An Adwords analytical tool it allows you to identify “The number of searches that were conducted throughout the previous month for each keyword phrase!”, “The number of advertising campaigns that currently exist – for both Google AdWords AND Overture!”, “A comprehensive list of all RELATED keyword phrases!”.

Again this can all be done with keyword Elite ( I love that tool) and at $77 for both packages you may as well buy Keyword Elite.

Here’s a tip, buy through Chris of Affiliate Project X – Miracle Adwords fame and he will send you a 45 min video on how he uses Keyword Elite, yeah I know I’m crazy not getting you to buy it through my own AFF link but I think this represents the best deal and I have nothing equivalent to offer.

Chris produces quality, informative products that give you the edge, so check it out at

Chris has introduced me to Steven Lee Jones who has written a free pdf on Adwords Copywriting, it’s an interesting read and can be found at

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