Michael Cheney’s free list building videos.

Michael Cheney of Adsense video fame has now turned his attention to “list building”.

His sales letter starts with “How To Start From Scratch And Get Your Own List Of Rabid Buyers In Just 11 Days..”, I love it. Imagine packs of rabid buyers roaming the web waiting to devour your products in exchange for cold hard cash.

I would like to know who wrote the sales letter as it’s a bloody good one. Let me put in on my to do list. Tell you what, I will email Michael and ask him but only report the news on my email list. See, already you get something juicey by signing up to my list.

OK, I have not bought the list building system yet but each time I read the sales letter my juices get going and I itch to buy. It’s not the money, it’s the time. Also I’m not so sure about videos, I prefer to read. You can print out and ebook and take it anywhere with a pencil and marker pen. Also, you get to write on the ebook and I take lots of notes when digesting this stuff.

Also, Michael Rasmussen has brought out a similar product and it’s difficult to differentiate between the two.

Here is the link to Michael Cheney’s list building videos. There is no affiliate link because I cannot find one and the product is not yet listed on Clickbank.