Gabriel Aguinaga Rubbishes Dominating Clickbank

Gabriel Aguinaga, writer of the Money making Secrets blog has rubbished Andrew Fox’s top selling Ebook Dominating Clickbank (aff).

When he asks himself is it worth $97 he answers himself, “Heck NO”. He goes on to say “Okay that wasn’t so nice… but I am wondering if all the “gurus” promoting this product saw the same videos as I did… or if they watched them at all.”

It’s true the so called Gurus do promote each others stuff, but is that just because if you produce quality stuff you end up being a guru. If being a guru means you are an excellent marketer then it would make sense that when another succesful marketer has a product it’s worth a look.

I have not bought Dominating Clickbank, not on the the strength of the review but the promo videos didn’t reveal anything new to me.

I would buy it simply on the basis that Andrew Fox is an excellent salesman and marketer and there is something to be learned. But when the community responds in such a strong way you have to think is this more spin than substance.

Gabriel Aguinaga generated a huge amount of comments from his scathing words, which shows that there is a large proportion of people who are not interested in being sold to like this, but when it only needs a response rate of 2%, does a product have to please everyone.

As I trawl through the underbelly of marketing that is affiliate marketing I constantly come across comments on blogs and forums from unsuccesful people that so and so is just selling snake oil. Well that may be, but I see it as the cost of doing business.

I have a budget for information products that runs at about $350 a month. Some ebooks and tools are going to be duds, that’s the price you pay to get to the good stuff.

It’s a price worth paying.

A lot of these super affiliates talk about spending thousands of dollars on their education.

Think you can do it for 50 bucks and a lifetime dredging through free forums.

Good luck.

I don’t think this business is easy to get into.

As I am not selling anything (yet) I can tell you that I expect affiliate marketing to be hard to get into, to take a long time to get right and to cost a lot of money.

Blood, sweat and brute force.

That’s my approach.

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