10 marketers I want to get email newsletters from

Having signed up for any email newsletters about affiliate marketing, I have decided to cut the list down. It’s an interesting excercise though, you soon realise who offers real, useful, non duplicated information and who just wants to give you sales pitch after sales pitch for products you don’t really want or need.

People who I will keep getting emails off include
Mike Filsaime
Mark Joyner
Perry Marshall
Rosalind Gardner
Dan Kennedy
Michael Gray
Andre Chaperon
John Carlton
Russell Brunson
Andrew Wee

2 Comments on "10 marketers I want to get email newsletters from"

  1. Hey Lyndon,
    tks for the vote of confidence.
    i enjoy sending out newsletters as much as i hope you enjoy reading them.

    ps: really sharp template you’ve got here.

  2. Lyndon Antcliff | December 20, 2006 at 3:38 pm |

    As long as you keep writing good info I will keep reading.

    Yeah I like this template too, I always find it difficult to settle with one.

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