Increasing Visitor Value to your blog

It’s obvious really.

Provide people what they want, whilst watching your profitability.

It’s not complicated but it’s complex.

Rich Schefren talks about visitor value in his latest blog post.

I must confess, I do not give visitor value as much attention as I should. Mostly I am pleasing myself with only a fleeting thought about the people who will be reading my various websites and blogs.

Rich talks about establishing a benchmark for visitor value, although he does not go into specifics of how to implement such a system he highlights on the benefits of such a system. Selling the sizzle not the sausage I think they call it.

He goes on to say that by focussing on visitor value, we improve all aspects of your business. Such as, better products, increased conversion of visitors to customers, improved effectiveness of up-sells and cross-sells.

But it’s all very well pointing this obvious fact out but how do you actually go about increasing visitor value.

Well lets look at this blog. The aim of this blog is to provide an insight into my own marketing efforts and provide information, the visitors to the site consist of people looking for information on the people and techniques mentioned here. Mostly other marketers looking for that extra bit of information that will make them that much better.

So, to improve visitor value to this blog.

  • A run down on the latest techniques by marketing experts.
  • My own views on making money from adsense
  • How not to do affiliate marketing through my own poor attempts at affiliate marketing.
  • Links to great offers regardless of affiliate payment.
  • Creative add-ons like my rss feed of the top marketing blogs.
  • Articles on various aspects of internet marketing.
  • A list of techniques that work for me and some that don’t.
  • My experience with social bookmarking and networking sites.

So there you have it, ways that I can improve visitor value on this blog. Take a look at your own site with fresh eyes, there is always some way you can improve things.

Link to the Rich Schefren article

BTW, I managed not to use the phrase “explode your business” once in this article.