4 Fantastic copywriting and marketing blogs

Found some interesting Copywriting and marketing blogs through Copyblogger, cheers mate.

I love the style of heehawmarketing. They all reek of passion and quality. When people are juiced up about a subject it really shows in the writing.

All of them need a thorough read through and ingestion into the brain.

The question isn’t “how do I make money on my blog”, it’s about how best can I use blogging to communicate what I care about most effectively. These bloggers are not simply about money, it’s about the fact that their drug of choice is communication.

And, that is what this blog should be about.

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  1. Lyndon-

    Thanks for the link and the good words! I appreciate it!

  2. Lyndon – thanks for the link and positive feedback.

    Heehaw Marketing is a great blog – awesome voice (you’re right on that!)

    I hope you’ll check out Gifter.org — http://www.gifter.org — I’m helping someone with this project and we need all the support we can get!

  3. Thanks for the mention, Lyndon. You’re right, it’s all about the passion to communicate, create meaning, and build community.

    That and make a few bucks, too.

    Have a prosperous 2007!

  4. The closing paragraph of this post is the answer to my comment on “8 ways…” I hope my thinking is not naive (I am new to all of this), but it seems to me that world class blogging is about the quality of your own blog, and about how you connect that and your thinking to the rest of the blogging world. This makes the complex mesh of connected creativity work, and as a corrolary drives value back to you – whether in thinking, criticism, or effective marketing.

  5. Hi Lyndon,

    He’s just started blogging in earnest and I have some work to do behind the scenes on his site, yet, but I’d be looking out for up-and-coming copywriter, Brent Hodgson. He’s a colleague of mine, and just quietly, he’s copy/ghostwriting for some of the big name marketers in our neck of the woods, and he knows what he’s talking about.

    Take care.

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