9 Reasons why Internet Marketing is Dead – Mike Filsaime shock report

Mike Filsaime has published a report detailing The Death of Internet Marketing. He achieved fame by publishing the fastest selling ebook of all time and has made millions from internet Marketing

Here are my notes from it.

Lack of vision is a short term strategy. Using techniques that are short lived will not build a long term business.

Infinate opportunity overload is distracting you from success.

The Internet is very efficient, but if you are paddling up the wrong stream it doesn’t matter how efficient your canoe is. What you need to be is effective.

Marketing a niche is still a cash cow. If you become an expert in your niche people will still flock to you. The big boys are too bloated to move quickly into a niche.

“You decidism” rules the web. Dig, delicious, reddit, you decide what people read. YOU, not some DJ with poor jokes and bad breath. Youtube.com gets more views than most TV channels.

Build a business that will last and last and last. Short term is stupid term. Get with it and build your house on rock, not sand.

Create tight, kick ass, loyal groups of like minded people who trust and support each other. One kid in the bedroom business plan is finding it harder and harder. Your clan/group/posse/society/homies can take on the world and make your reach more powerful than it is.

Small strategic, well thought out moves may be better than a huge, kill em all product launch. You get to learn from each phase. People do not get swamped. A far more intelligent way to market an informational product.

Watch the legal stuff, failure to read the small print and avoiding copyright battles can pole axe you.

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