Matt Levenhagen, Campaign Blasts and a dead trout.

Campaign Blasts (aff) is a how to make money with affiliate marketing, mainly using Adwords.

The ebook, written by Matt Levenhagen, was talked about on another blog I like so I thought I would take a look.

First thing, todays date is shown as if the sales letter was written on the very day you read it. Sigh! Is there anyone out there who actually thinks that. To me it’s an instant turn off and although I am an affiliate marketing virgin I have been Online marketing since 1998, so I may be a bit jaded as know that the reason the days date is shown is because of a little script. And I bet most people know as well.

It’s a little thing, but do we really gain anything from insulting the inteligence of our readers.

OK rant over.

I didn’t feel very excited whilst reading the news letter, I don’t know if Matt wrote it or paid 5 grand to some expert copywriter, but it doesn’t grab me by the cahonas like a good sales letter should.

Not sure who the ebook is aimed at, as it teaches you how to register a domain. Are there really people out there considering starting an adwords/clickbank business who do not know how to register a domain.

Perhaps quite a few, but I doubt it.

It may be that the product suffers from a poorly written sales letter. At first I was quite pleased there wasn’t the usual 18pt bright read headlines with quotes around them, screaming at me to pay attention or they will come round to your house one night and wake you with a large, dead trout. But found myself not grabbed by unquenching irrationality to purchase said product.

Nor was there the relentless bullet point lists of the benefits and advantages of the ebook. The ones that plug straight into the primeval savage part of me bypassing thousands of years of civilisation and rational thought.

No, the product is probably good. It’s the sales letter that does not do it for me.

Well Matt, if you are reading this and want me to review the ebook you will have to send me a copy as I’m just not juiced up enough to reach into my back pocket and hold that cold plastic credit card in my hand, and punch in those numbers.

But that’s just me.

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  1. Thanks Lyndon. Thanks for the review and thoughts! I enjoy your writing style.

    Yeah, I wrote the sales letter. I admit it. 🙂

    And, yes, you are right. That is a script that places the date above the letter. I don’t do it to insult your intelligence. I do it because I think it looks nice.

    I’m probably a little strange this way, but I do some things because I enjoy doing them. To me writing my own copy and content is fun! I may not be an expert copywriter, but I do keep a swipe file and test.

    Actually, the page converts pretty well (I have sold 100s of copies over the last year and a sizeable Adwords Membership), but much of it might be do to how I pre-sell it and the success others have had with the methods.

    Plus, I might be a little different then some info product creators out there… I make money with the methods I teach. WAY MORE then I do with the little info product at Clickbank. So I’m not to worried about it. My Customers, Members and List know me and enjoy my training and articles and that’s all that matters to me. My loyal Blasters. 🙂

    You’d probably be surprised at a member or two I have in the attached membership.

    And actually, yeah, there are many, many newbies that have no clue as to how to FTP or build Landing Pages and Websites. This is an opportunity that helps them get started without a website and as they grow in their knowledge they can tackle that material.

    This product is designed for every experience level. The techniques themselves can be used for many, many things.. or lead you to many places.

    Let me know if you get around to reading it. It’s not an opportunity for everyone, but if you dig in and commit to it, it sure is fun… and makes for a great business and income.

    Take Care and Good Luck with Your Endeavors!… and above all —> Have Fun!

    -Matt Levenhagen

    P.S. Maybe I’ll hire a copywriter somewhere down the road. I’d feel a little funny because I’ve always felt good about it being my own words… since I signed it and it’s from my desk… but I’ll think about it some more. (Doesn’t that insult you knowing that the copy you are reading online isn’t from the guy that has his signature at the bottom?) 😉

  2. Lyndon Antcliff | November 13, 2006 at 11:27 am |

    Hi Matt, thanks for taking the time to reply.

    I am glad you like my style, I really just write what I think with little editing, which may mean I might upset people without trying, which I would not want to do. I only want them upset when I try, hehe.

    The thing is with the time code, if it works, it works. And if you are selling ebooks then you’re doing something right.

    Reading a lot of marketing products I may not be the person who the ebook is aimed at, so maybe it does not matter than it does not juice me up.

    It has a lot of features and covers a lot of ground, ideal for a newbie.

    I was listening to a Russel Brunson podcast and he was saying, concentrate on what you are good at and pay others to do the rest.

    It’s something I have a problem with as I like to have control, but what would happen to your sales if you paid 5 grand to copywriter? Would you get your money. Difficult to say without it happening.

    Thing is, the sales letter is good but it’s not great. I’m no expert, I only know how I feel and I am a sucker for a great sales letter.

    If you like, send me your ebook and I will give it an honest review. I presume you have an affiliate programe so it might be worth doing it.

    Actually it doesn’t insult me with the signature thing as I have never thought about, but yeah, now I think about it… How dare they!

    But, like I say, if it works it works.

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